The Claim Your Whole Self six-month training program is designed to support enthusiastic female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs looking to change the world.

This training will help you find your authentic voice in your field of purpose, develop a roadmap for your entrepreneurial skills to shine, and build a successful business that highlights your unique offerings. Over the course of the program, you will utilize the collective intelligence of the group and Allie's 15+ years of teaching, coaching, and entrepreneurial experience to align with your purpose, claim your whole self, and become who you are meant to be.

"Allie Stark's Claim Your Whole Self weekend kickstarted me on the path to achieve my dreams. What seemed like a delicious little secret thought on day one came to life as a tangible offering on day three."



+ Defining Your Voice

- Establishing presence and building trust
- Using your authentic voice and intuition as guides
- Practice in reflection, mirroring, and open-ended questions
- Learning how to appropriately use vulnerability and directness as a tool
- Tools in creative problem solving and proactive improvisation
- Tools for speaking to inclusion, equanimity, and equality

+ Discovering Your ‘Jewel’: Understanding the Who, What, and Why of Claiming Your Whole Self

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

- Your Obstacles = Your Superpowers
- Who are you and who are you destined to become?
- What message are you meant to share with the world?
- Why is your message important?
- How does it help to change the world?

+ Developing Your Personal Program + Offerings

Based on your ‘jewel’ you will be guided to develop a program and offerings that reflect your vision and what you are meant to share with the world. There will be specific guidelines for this creation that may result in:

- A program for clients in private practice
- A book outline, podcast, or blog
- Outlines and structures for public speaking and group facilitation
- A physical space for events
- And so much more…


+ Group Calls

Over the course of the next six months there will be a monthly 2-hour group video call with homework on the following topics:

- Call One: Building your brand with soul
- Call Two: The head and heart of making money
- Call Three: Dream audience and finding your voice
- Call Four: Boundaries, balance, and self-care
- Call Five: Mindful marketing
- Call Six: Putting it all together + next steps


6-Month Program includes:

+ 3-Day Training
+ Date: January 18-20, 2020 (MLK)
+ Location: Light Lab in Los Angeles, CA*
+ Community-oriented
+ Hands-on + interactive
+ Headshots by a professional photographer

* You do not need to live in LA to attend this training in full. You only have to be in LA for this one weekend, the rest of the program is online!

+ Monthly 2-hr group zoom call (6 total)
+ Monthly homework assignments *
+ Four 50-min. Mentorship calls with Allie (4 total)
+ Two monthly 1-hr buddy calls (12 total)
+ Private Slack group
+ Specialized workbook
+ Unlimited email support
* Each month you will be given homework, resources, and tools to support you with the practical, business-oriented aspects of your offering based on the theme for that month.


+ Price includes 52 hours of active training time plus professional headshots
+ Price breakdown $56 / hour
+ Payment plans available // contact me

+ Price includes 52 hours of active training time plus professional headshots
+ Price breakdown $59 / hour
+ Payment plans available // contact me

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