Reclaiming Your Instinct Is:

+ Listening to your inner voice

+ Trusting your intuition

+ Believing in your own inner guidance

+ Feeling at home in your own skin

+ Following the beat of your own heart

+ Coming home to yourself

+ Realigning with your own truth

+ Reigniting your inner truth & guidance

+ Believing in things bigger than yourself (and bigger than all humans)

Reclaiming Your Instinct Is Not:

+ Listening to others above yourself
+ Choosing fear over love
+ Shutting down signs from the universe
+ Forgetting or ignoring your body
+ Believing in your gremlins or inner critic
+ Settling or being afraid of change
+ An unwillingness to take risks
+ Not believing in your truth
+ Fear of the unknown and uncertainty
+ Acceptance of a life that feels ordinary vs.